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The Writing Artist- Christy Brown

Ormond Quay by Christy Brown

Today’s writing artist spotlight is Christy Brown. He was an Irish writer and painter most known for his book My Left Foot, an autobiography of his life about being paralyzed with cerebral palsy except for in his left foot. Although the medical community considered him to be mentally disabled, he was motivated by his mother to learn to read and write. He went on to pen several books including 3 poetry collections Come Softly to My Wake, Background Music and Of Snails and Skylarks. Below is his poem Lines of Leaving.

Self Portrait by Christy Brown


Lines of Leaving

I am losing you again
all again
as if you were ever mine to lose.
The pain is as deep
beyond formal possession
beyond the fierce frivolity of tears.

Absurdly you came into my world
my time-wrecked world
a quiet laugh below the thunder.
Absurdly you leave it now
As I always foreknew you would.
I lived on an alien joy.

Your gentleness disarmed me
wine in my desert
peace across impassable seas
path of light in my jungle.

Now uncatchable as the wind you go
beyond the wind
and there is nothing in my world
save the straw of salvation in the amber dream.

The absurdity of that vast improbable joy.
The absurdity of you gone.

-        Christy Brown

Brown Garage in the Snow by Christy Brown


~ Nia Andino ~


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