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The Black Book

The Black Book

The Black Book

The black book, the sketchbook carried by most artists for when time, inspiration and creativity happen to collide. My professor in college always told us to keep one by our bedside just in case that moment strikes in the middle of the night. You can’t control the timing of creativity.

For some this book is sacred, only to be shared or shown when a certain drawing is complete and every line just right. Others trade them like Mad Libs to come up with a piece that can only be achieved by the collaborative vision of two or more artistic souls. I think I lean more towards those that hold these books sacred. And I have several of them from my years in high school and college that are kept in a “special place.”

Although now my books are no longer black, (I prefer covers with smoother textures and lighter colors to invite me in their pages), they still serve as a starting point for many of my paintings and musings. Many artists have more than one channel of creativity. And these books are a reflection of that with a mix of drawings, writings and ideas of inspiration that can range from a poem, the lyrics of a song, a photo or even a name.

At times, I find it is good to revisit the old books for ideas can become new again. To me it also like reading a memoir, and I can’t wait to put pencil to the next chapter…

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