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The Writing Artist- William S Burroughs

William S Burroughs shotgun art

My writing artist choice for today is American essayist, novelist, painter and spoken word performer William Seward Burroughs II. He authored 18 satirical and semi-autobiographical novels. His first novel Junkie speaks of his heroin addiction that began while serving in WWII. Naked Lunch was his third novel which sparked a controversial court case about sodomy laws. Burroughs attributes the motivation behind his writing to his accidental shooting of his second wife Joan Vollmer in drunken game of William Tell. He admits to this in his second novel Queer which was written while he awaited trial. Later in life, he became more of a performer, playing in film roles, plays and punk bands. Burroughs released the spoken word album Smack My Crack in the late 1980’s. He also experimented with painting at this time using shotguns to shoot spray paint cans on to canvasses and applying mixed media. His art has been shown in over 5o galleries and museums worldwide. Below I give you his poem Spain and 42 St.

William S Burroughs painting


Spain & 42 St.

Language like muttering    pant smells running    silver scanning

Passed down the Arab Street          in the gutter      patterns

Translucent medium from           its like  i talky you of      a place

        the vacuum of silent panic                    forgotten      red mud flats

  sharp fish syllables             where is he now?    he moved as sharp as       water

  assassins smile and drink           he was caught      reeds

broken into scanning patterns                in the zoo        of legs

        dawn words falling            fish talk the liquid typewriter    spitting blood

     where flesh circulates              he strode toward flesh of    red dusk               laugh

                    purple gills stirring            dead whistle stop        Spain and 42 st.

its like reeds on the face          circulates            up through the dark excuses

    where flesh identity               dawn words falling stirring slow

    gills of purple sleep    he was caught in the zoo    it is no death

 where flesh circulates        unbelief staring out from dawn skin

                    of Spain and 42 St.

-        William S. Burroughs

Out of the Closet by William S Burroughs


~ Nia Andino ~

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