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The Writing Artist- Reina Miranda

Taino Past and Present by Reina Miranda


Today's pick, another writing artist that I know personally, is someone that I met at an open mic in 2009. Reina Miranda a.k.a RedClayWoman is a New York resident, born and raised in Washington Heights and is of Dominican heritage. The pride in her culture and the love of her family colors her words and work.  Honoring a strong display of spiritual Taino roots has allowed for her art to be shown at the Museum of Natural History, The United Nations and the HBO Building. She has performed poetry at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe, Notice Lounge and Cemi Underground. Back in 2012, Reina began a personal creative project, merging her love for painting and poetry. She acknowledged fellow poets by painting their portraits in honor of National Poetry Month. Please click the link above to view the project.

Reina published a poetry book Tree of Life: The Roots of My Journey which is available on Amazon. You can also follow her art and poetry on her website


Below is her poem, Laying About, a demonstration of her love for her family.

Reina Miranda painting


Laying About

I'm laying on my parent's bed

Next to my mom

Constantly thinking and worried about her

But I know she's doing the best she can to remain strong

She calls out "Miranda"

It's how she would refer to him

And I answer cause it is my surname

But then she starts to cry and says I'm so sorry mi hija

I forgot he's gone

So I comfort her and say it's ok

I miss him too the way he used to say my name

Mi Bella Reinita

Bueno ya tu sabe que yo te queiro mucho mi hija con todo mi corazon

And gives me a big hug and kisses me on my cheek

And I hug him even harder to take in his aroma

Memories flood my mind and I can still hear his voice

Smell his cologne strong in this apartment

Hearing him clear his throat

Yelling and asking who's in the bathroom (lol)

As I lay on the spot where he slept next to my mom

Childhood memories continue to come

When I used to jump into their bed when I had a bad dream

He would comfort me and wish them away

Carry me back to my bed and kiss my forehead

Making me pan con mantequa y chocolate

And placing it right on my night stand

I've always strived to be the best daughter I can

Making him proud of me

Doing well in school

Seeing him smile when I walked into the room

Watching him sleep

Giving him mani and pedi

Making sure he always looks good

My dad had such swag

That everyone respected him

The kids in the neighborhood wish they can be just like him

The last of a true gentlemen a class act

I want him back

Am I being self

I only wish I could have had more time with him

To o tell him how much means to me

Answer all his questions

Tell him I'll be fine just don't worry

I know you have my back

But time waits for no man

Guess it was time for him to go home

To become my guardian angel along with so many of my relatives

But I truly miss him so

Knowing he won't be around to see my kids graduated from college

Or even get married

Seeing my grandchildren grow

Seeing me finally paint more artworks that will be exhibited

My Poetry being published and books being sold

Having him see me preform in different shows

Constantly sending him so much love

And dedications

But I know that he's always with me

Whispering in my ears

Visiting me in my dreams and having conversations

Asking to forgive those who hurt me

Giving me advice when I ask for it

Continue to strive to be like him

A proud Dominican-American

Work harder and become a better person

Share my story so everyone can

Try understand me

Wishing and hoping

For now I'll remain grounded

And grow much like the tree of life

With branches that stretch upwards as well as all over

No need for leaves or fruits to prove it's alive

No not really

So I pray and meditate for clarity

Papi you are my rock that keeps me grounded

Making sure that the legacy you left behind is strong

So I'll lay here on your favorite spot

Remember all the good and bad

It will make me stronger woman knowing

I have my mom, your wife's back for life.....

- Reina Miranda

La Taina by Reina Miranda

~ Nia Andino~

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