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The Writing Artist- Mia Roman

Gitana by Mia Roman

Today’s writing artist spotlight is mixed media artist, curator, art workshop facilitator and poet Mia Roman. Mia is a self- taught, fourth generation, Latina artist who has shown her visual art at various locations such as the Clemente Soto Velez Cultural Center in New York, Art Basel in Miami and the Netherlands. Her paintings reflect spirituality, culture, humanism, reality and speak of advocacy for women and current events. She self- published a book of her poetry titled A Path Paved in Words and curated the event Farewell Silence which allowed 300 women from around the world to share their voices through the written word. Mia has designed logos for a range of people and organizations including the New York City Latina Writers Group and the book cover of Transitions of a Nuyorican Cinderella. She also teaches public and private art workshops at places like the Children’s Art Carnival, La Casa Azul Bookstore and the Ruth Fernandez Family Residence. It would be hard to encompass all that Mia has will continue to accomplish in these few lines so I will let Mia’s words speak for themselves. You can follow her work at Below is her poem I Bleed Music Notes in Rhythmic Colors of Brights and Metallics.

Frida by Mia Roman


I Bleed Music Notes in Rhythmic Colors of Brights and Metallics


My soul features the beats of yesterday

as it celebrates the Jibaro tunes of my ancestors

The tunes permeate my spirit

and move my hips in joy

As my feet follow

 my arms sway in a trance


I dream of free spirits dancing on mountain tops

Swaying branches singing mother earths songs of praise

Flowers whispering sweet aromas at my bare feet

While the green grass tickles my toes and the sun kisses my face


I bleed music notes in Rhythmic colors of Brights and Metallics

I paint the beat of the drum  

the horns caress my body In a complex rhythmic pattern

The beats steady and even

they sample pieces of my heart

Creating a track of strong beats of color, pattern and texture


I improvise and use my paintbrush as rhythmic strokes

Creating a movement in color

Alternating from Latin jazz

 to an urban sharp edge

 to Abstract madness

Of flowing random lines that become progressive to the beats

Leaving my body and soul free

FREE to feel color…

FREE to see beats…

FREE to taste the rhythms of me.


-Mia Roman 2009

Mia Roman painting


~ Nia Andino ~

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