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Carnaval: Celebration of Life

Celia Honored and El Sabio

On December 17th, I was part of a private art showcase for Rhina Valentin a.k.a La Reina del Barrio. This event was a celebration of Rhina's birthday and the launch of her new talk show. I displayed art with fellow artists Nelson "Host" Santiago and Mia Roman. A percentage of our sold artwork went towards fundraising for the production of Rhina's new show.



The night was filled with music, a belly dancer, body jewelry tattoos and a massage station. Raffles were won, drinks were had and art was sold! Thank you Rhina for including me in your special night. I wish you much success with your new show.

Keep up to date with La Reina Del Barrio through her website

~Nia Andino~

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