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The Writing Artist- Matsuo Basho

Hibiscus by Matsuo Basho

My writing artist choice for today is Japanese poet and painter Matsuo Basho. He was a celebrated poet of the Edo period who was born to a low rank Samurai and considered a haiku master. Basho worked as a teacher under the name Tosei and published his students work as a collection titled The Best Poems of Tosei’s Twenty Disciples. As he chose to relocate and distance himself from the literary scene, his students built him a house and planted a banana tree on the property in his honor. It is then that he took on the name Matsuo Basho which translates into banana tree. His seclusion and immersion in nature became a key theme in his poems which are inscribed on a number of monuments in Japan. Below are three of his haikus.

Banana Tree and Gate to the Banana Tree by Matsuo Basho

Shaking the Grave

shaking the grave
my weeping voice
autumn wind


Temple Bells Die Out

Temple bells die out.
The fragrant blossoms remain.
A perfect evening! 


The Warbler Sings


the warbler sings

among new shoots of bamboo

of coming old age

-        Matsuo Basho

The Ancient Pindby Matsuo Basho

~ Nia Andino ~

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