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The Writing Artist- Saddi Khali

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My writing artist choice for today is poet, performer, producer and photographer Saddi Khali.  Unbound by genre, he is motivated to help Black people, worldwide, recognize their greatness through an intentional mix of word & image, which he calls "PhotoVangelism." His work provides a building of self-love for women by helping them break past the notions of traditional beauty standards. It also shines light on the love present in relationships and families. Khali started as a performer, and has also featured on HBO’s Def Poetry Jam and the Apollo Theater’s Salon Series He is published in over 30 anthologies and journals. It was after being displaced and losing everything in Hurricane Katrina that he felt a new purpose and pursued photography. His images have been featured as the cover of TRIKSTA, in Essence magazine and a variety of other books. He has also exhibited in the Rush Gallery in New York and the Coast Gallery in Johannesburg, South Africa. Khali recently co-produced a historical fantasy short film titled Ase in Nigeria. To follow his work or book a portrait session you can visit his website

Below is his poem titled What, then…

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What, then


i want u 2 love my whole soul, not my clothes

cuz one day i may show up in rags

& what then?

i want u 2 love my core, not my abs

cuz one day i may grow a gut

& what then?

i want u 2 love my spirit, not my mind

cuz one day i may not make sense

& what then?

i want u 2 love my heart, not my beliefs

cuz one day my beliefs may change

& what then?

i want u 2 love me where i am,

not my potential

cuz i may never meet ur expectations

& what then

i want u 2 love me w/ intention & action

from deep inside urself & all over me

cuz once u love me like that, everything else is easy.

now, what do u want me 2 love?

-Saddi Khali

Saddi Khali Photo 3

~ Nia Andino ~

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