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The Writing Artist- Albert TainoImage Areizaga

The 2nd writing artist off of my list is Albert “TainoImage” Areizaga. He is a Brooklyn native whose body of work spans poetry, photography, graphic design and fine art with a strong emphasis on Latino culture and bringing awareness to social justice issues. He currently hosts a monthly open mic and live painting event in Park Slope/ Sunset Park, Brooklyn at Sev Lounge. Like his facebook page to keep up to date with his next event. You can view more of his work at

Nelson Mandela by TainoImage


For Whom the Last Bell Tolls


I’ve been with him for as long as he can remember
Since his Mom took him to school on that long ago September

I stayed close by him through thick and thin
It was understood that I would always be with him

He often cursed and accused me of an insidious plan
That without me he would be a better man

It bothered me little because he really knew better
The fact was that as long as he lived, we would be together

Ignoring my existence, as he planned to take a wife
Was totally irrelevant because our relationship was for life

They planned the celebration with music, food and champagne wine
Really didn’t matter because we both knew he was mine

So, I followed him on the eve of his nuptial night
Slipping into the establishment though security was tight

Mesmerized by the suggestive movements of the bodies that filled the G-strings
Never having a clue what surprises this night I would bring

You see, I was not alone, oh no, not for a minute
Those pawns that I’ve influenced were unknowingly in it

Introduced by their parents whom thought I didn’t matter
Since I was introduced to them in the very same manner

Leaving the bright lights and sensual gyrations
It was now I would start my dark celebration

He was looking forward for tomorrow, the day he would wed
When the barrage of lead pierced the carriage until he was dead

It was a life of a young man cut terribly short
For me, moving on was my celebration of sort

Call me racism, bigotry; I really don’t give a hell
Because they pulled the trigger but, it was I who killed Sean Bell

©2008 all rights reserved, Albert Areizaga

Ramon Emeterio Betances by TainoImage

~ Nia Andino~

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