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The Writing Artist- Yosa Buson


My 4th writing artist pick for the month is Yosa Buson. A Japanese poet and painter from the Edo period of Japan, he is one of the most prominent for the Haiga style. Haiga is the incorporation of haiku poems into paintings. Yosa apprenticed under Hayano Soa, and ten years after his master's death changed his name from Saicho to Buson. The name Buson translates into cease to be a village. I didn't find many examples of Yosa Buson's haiga work but I have included a few of his haikus and paintings in this post. Enjoy!


kagero ya ajika ni tsuchi wo mezuru-hito

The shimmering heat
…soil in a wicker basket
someone dear


waga zukin ukiyo no sama ni nizu mo gana

In this hood of mine
I hope I bear no likeness
to the worldly scene


Yosa Busob a-black-hawk-and-two-crows..jpg

kogarashi ya hitato tsumazuku modori-uma

A cold winter wind—
it stumbles suddenly
the returning horse

Yosa Buson

~ Nia Andino ~

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