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Unveiled by Nia Andino

Today is the final day of National Poetry Month and is also Poem in Your Pocket Day! So be sure to carry a poem and share it with someone today.

It has been a wonderful learning experience to discover the art, poetry and backgrounds of so many different creative people. I hope you have enjoyed the experience as much as I did!

For my final post, I couldn’t think of one specific person I wanted to end this series with so I am ending with them ALL. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, this is the remix. I took on the challenge of creating five centos comprised of lines from each of the poems I‘ve posted throughout the month. Hope you enjoy them!



I remember

African new moon lying on her back


My soul features the beats of yesterday

Of coming old age

Up through the dark excuses

Always belonging to each other


When the merchants of language fail to bargain

I will take the sun in my mouth

The shimmering heat

Filled with the milk of mercy

Placing it right on my night stand

Among tamarindo and mango gardens

And God like geometry

And rest




I come from a place where the bottom falls out the way the sun come up

Where your mouth has a thousand reviews

Then words won’t do: they’re words

Whose hopes are so low they are comfortable




It remains unchanged-

Like hail

In all the corners of my room

A quiet laugh below the thunder

Should it find a voice?

And leave us our bourbon and cigarettes





For, wash’d in life’s river

One creation matches another, in essence they are all alike

Since I was introduced to them in the very same manner



The time will come


That we know what?


One day I may not make sense

That, I will not follow you




~ Nia Andino ~




Andino Styles © 2016