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The Writing Artist- Joan Miro

Joan Miro Painting 1

Today’s writing artists spotlight is on Spanish painter, sculptor, ceramicist and poet Joan Miro i Ferra. Known primarily for his artwork, Miro found poetry to be an inseparable form to painting as stated in the two following quotes, "I make no distinction between painting and poetry,” and “I try to apply colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.

Miro was an avid reader and heavily influenced by surrealism and his contemporaries who were a mix of painters and writers in Spain and France. He created some written poems on canvas which remind me of the Asian haiga paintings. Miro was also a great fan of Eastern art so it is possible that haiga style paintings had an effect on his work. Below I give you one of his poems.

Joan Miro Painting 2


The body of my dark-haired woman

Because I love her

Like my pussycat dressed in salad green

Like hail

It’s all the same

Oh, one of those gentlemen who did all that!

-        Joan Miro


~ Nia Andino ~



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