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The Writing Artist- Henri Michaux

Les Trois Graces by Henri Michaux

My writing artists spotlight today is Henri Michaux. He was a Belgian writer, poet and painter highly influenced in his work by his travels to Asia. Buddhist teachings and calligraphy were prominent inspirations for his poetry and visual art. His art had been shown at the Guggenheim in New York and the Museum of Modern Art in Paris. Henri Michaux authored several books including A Barbarian in Asia, Miserable Miracle, and The Major Ordeals of the Mind and the Countless Minor Ones. He was the winner of the National Prize of Literature in 1965 and refused to accept it. Below is his poem Repose in Unhappiness

Henri Michaux painting


Repose in Unhappiness


Unhappiness, my great laborer,

Unhappiness, sit down,

And rest,

Let us repose ourselves a little, you and I,


You have described me, you have tried me, it is manifest,

I am the ruin you made.


My spacious theater, my haven, my altar of sacrifice,

My cellar of shining wealth,

My future, my very mother, my far horizon,

Into your light, into your breadth and height, into my fright,

I abandon myself.

Henri Michaux art


~ Nia Andino ~

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